How fidgeting or fidgeting can help lower your stress levels

It is recognizable to almost everyone: moments when you can't sit still and are fidgeting nervously. Especially in times of corona. If innocent fidgeting turns into biting your nails or picking off scabs, you may experience this. This is of course not the intention, and for this reason you can contact us for the most versatile Fidget Cubes that can help you release moments of stress at any time. How? We will explain this to you in detail in this article.

Atmosphere image of Anti Stress Friemelkubus 'Baby Groot'

Why a fidget cube?

You probably remember the fidget spinners that were all the rage a few years ago. Fidget Spinners and other Fidget Toys are designed to hold something in your hands. It turns out that if you have something in your hand that you can play with, your ability to concentrate increases. A fidget spinner works much like an old-fashioned spinning top, but the fidget cube is on a completely different level.

The fidget cube resembles a dice with sliders, buttons and click buttons that you can play with when you notice that you want to fidget. The fidget cube is also known as the fidget cube. Our fidget cube has 6 sides with different options. Curious about what you can do with the cube? Read more in our article “ What is a Fidget Cube .”

Because the cube, unlike the Fidget Spinner, has 6 different sides, it is much more versatile than the spinner. Most products designed to relieve stress are limited in their use. They are simple and can often perform one command with one movement. With the Fidget Cube you can alternate between 6 different games. The cube fits in the Fidget Prism keychain so you can take your modern stress ball anywhere.

Stress ball with a modern twist

In principle, the Fidget Cube is a stress ball with a modern twist. Anyone who has ever held a stress ball knows how addictive it can be to play with something, but squeezing movements are not always soothing. For example, people who suffer from nerve pain or rheumatism can quickly suffer from pinching movements and pain is not soothing.

The cube works differently. You can roll the entire cube around in your hand or between your fingers, but you can also play with the buttons, sliders and the rolling ball. The size of the Fidget Cube makes it easy to hide the toy. It is barely noticeable even while fidgeting. For example, do you regularly turn in your chair at the conference table? Then try taking a Fidget cube with you. It may just be that you can keep your mind on it better. Try to avoid buttons that make noise during meetings or in class. Otherwise you will distract the people around you by playing with your cube, and that is not the intention.

Fidgeting instead of bad habits

It hasn't been proven yet, but it's logical to assume that a Fidget Cube could come in handy if you're trying to quit smoking or biting your nails. By grabbing the cube when you feel the urge to give in to bad habits, you can quickly and harmlessly distract yourself with our Fidget Cube. By not giving in you teach yourself “bad behavior”. This ultimately leads to new habits instead of bad habits that you want to get rid of.

There are studies showing that fidgeting helps you concentrate better. For example, British research shows that children who play with a Fidget toy remember learning material faster. This also cautiously states that a Fidget Cube can also provide relief from ADHD, ADD, OCD and autism. Playing with a cube would stimulate the brain by processing an additional process that requires little cognitive skill. This unconsciously makes your brain stronger, which in turn ensures that you can better process and cope with stressful moments.


You can compare playing with fidget toys to clicking a pen or picking your nails. A simple action that you unconsciously perform over and over again. It doesn't matter why you perform that action. Whether it comes from boredom, habit or because you are just very nervous by nature. A Fidget Cube can help you reduce your feelings of stress. Simply by distracting yourself for a moment so you can take the time to breathe. It looks nice on your desk at work, you can hide it in your hand if you don't want anyone to see the cube and you can probably get it in your favorite color.

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  • Heel erg bedankt voor de fidgetcube! Ik merk op dat sinds ik de cube in mijn bezit heb ik stukken meer rust kan vinden en onnodige stress kwijt kan. De cube heb ik ten alle tijden op zak, in de auto, tijdens een bezoek aan de supermarkt, op het werk, noem maar op! Ik heb de cube destijds aan mijn vrienden en familie aangeraden en ook daar krijg ik positieve reacties! Persoonlijk gezien vind ik de cube veel meer bijdragen aan het wegnemen van stress dan de fidgetspinner. Daarom mijn grote + voor deze Cube!


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