Meet the magnetic rings from FinGears

The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it difficult for many people to relax. Still, it is important to relax in time. Relaxation ensures that you give both your body and your mind time to process the impressions of strenuous activities. The FinGears fidget is well suited for this, because it takes you no time to use the spinner. This makes this a good way to relax in a time-efficient manner.

What are magnetic rings or magnetic rings?

Magnetic rings are three rings with magnets that keep your fingers busy. The gadget reduces stress, improves fine motor skills and is suitable for young and old.

This is how the professional FinGears rings were created

The FinGears fidget spinner was made possible by 742 investors who saw potential in FinGears on Kickstarter . FinGears consists of 3 unique magnetic rings that you can use in endless ways. For example, you can use the FinGears to play air hockey .

The FinGears Fidget is a gadget chosen by the public. The gadget was chosen as a final candidate in ASTRA's Best Toys For Kids competition this year and was also created by investors. So you can say that the FinGears is a crowd favorite and for good reason.

The benefits of FinGears

The FinGears set consists of 3 rings that stick together with the help of strong magnets. The FinGears fidget has a number of unique features that make the rings so popular. You can buy the rings in a set of three in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large. The rings feel sturdy and make almost no noise while fidgeting. This means you can also use the rings between work, without bothering colleagues. The strong magnets allow you to attach more than 3 rings together. You can use the FinGears spinner for the following purposes:

  • Reducing stress;
  • Improve fine motor skills;
  • You strengthen your creative ability while playing;
  • You can learn endless tricks with it;
  • You can use the spinners as a game with friends and family.

You should pay attention to this when buying magnetic rings

If you purchase new magnetic rings, you can benefit from the benefits by purchasing the original FinGears. A major disadvantage of this fidget is that fake copies are sold that do not work properly. You can quickly and easily recognize the real spinners so that you can be sure that you are purchasing the right items.

  • Pay attention to the quality of the packaging. This should feel smooth and of high quality.
  • Check that the rings do not make any noise. The plastic imitation variants make a clicking sound.
  • Look at the instructions for use. The paper is smoother and thicker than printing paper.
  • You can test the originality by attaching 2 rings together and tapping 1 ring. If the ring swings back and forth, you have an original set.
  • Copies come off easily because the magnet is not strong enough.

Trucks for the magnetic rings

It is of course fun to come up with tricks yourself that you can do with magnetic rings. But here's a nice video for inspiration about the possibilities with the FinGears:

Don't feel like continuing your search for the original FinGears? Hurry to our shop to get your newFin Gears .

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