Meet the premium fidget roller: the ONO roller

Meet the ONO roller

Everyone fidgets. Whether you tap your foot, click your pen, bite your nails, or something else, anxiety manifests itself in many ways. The ONO Roller™ is the perfect way to relieve stress, keep your hands busy and your mind calm. Subtle, sleek, suitable for work and slightly addictive. You'll wonder how you made it this far in life without it.

What does the fidget roller do?

The effects of a fidget roller vary greatly from person to person. But you might experience the following effects:

  • Relieves Stress + Anxiety
    With its soothing and satisfying rolling motion, the ONO provides powerful stress relief and helps calm even the busiest minds.
  • Relaxation and meditation
    If you ever feel like you need an escape, simply tune your thoughts to the smooth and rhythmic movement of the ONO to enter your flow state.
  • Muscle relief + Massage
    Use the ONO to release built-up tension in smaller muscles and tendons by gently rolling it over your skin.
  • Improved focus + increased productivity
    The truth is... Most tools steal your attention. The ONO Roller reinforces this. Divert your nervous energy and focus on the task at hand, one role at a time.

How does the fidget roller feel?

If you were to take two highlighters/markers (without caps) in your hands and roll them, you will get an idea of ​​what an ONO feels like. As effortless and natural as that feels, imagine it without friction, rotation or noise, and perfectly tailored to your hand. This is what an ONO roller feels like, but better.

Does the fidget roller make noise?

Of all the fidgets we've tested (and there are a lot!), this is the quietest, most noiseless fidget we've seen yet. It's whisper quiet, provided you're not wearing rings.

There are three types of fidget rollers. The ONO Original (aluminium), the ONO Junior (lighter) and the ONO Steel (steel, heavier)

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