Our favorite fidgets and other desk toys

In addition to our own fidget cube, there are many other fidgets and similar ones. In this article we would like to show you what we can't get enough of!

1. The fidget spinner from Rotablade

You probably remember it, the plastic fidget spinner that has been extremely popular. In the meantime, a large community has emerged of enthusiasts of 'high end' fidget spinners. Please note: this can become an expensive hobby. We have the Stubby Nano from Rotablade .

2. The infinity cube from TheFube

A product that continues endlessly. We would have liked to add this to our range, but the sales price we would have to charge was just beyond us. There are many cheaper infinity cubes for sale, but these metal ones from TheFube feel of good quality.

Check the current price on Amazon

3. Magnetic rings made of wood

magnetic rings made of wood

In addition to the professional magnetic rings that we have in our range, FinGears has outdone itself again. They have released a wooden edition for the real fans. Who knows, maybe we will one day include this in our range?

Check availability at Fingers .

4. The yo-yo

Yo-yo trick

Old toys boring? The yo-yo is back. This used to be all the rage on the schoolyard. The yo-yo world has not stood still and there are now hundreds of tricks to learn in five different divisions. A very nice activity if you want to get up from behind your desk.

Click here to view the jojo on jojo.nl.

What is your favorite desk toy?

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