What is a Fidget Cube?

A while ago the Fidget Spinner was a real hype , but you also know the Fidget Cube. This fidget cube is intended as a distraction and anti-stress toy. In this article you will learn more about the fidget cube and its origins.

Origin of the fidget cube

The fidget cube, or Fidget Cube, was created during a Kickstarter project . An object to fiddle with at your desk, invented by Matthew and Mark McLachlan. It is a small cube with buttons on each side that you can press. Mark and Matthew have worked on the block for four years to incorporate their own 'fidgeting' into a block in this way. They designed the fidget cube so that you can fiddle with it without anyone having to see it.

The design of the anti-stress toys

Besides the fact that the fidget cube has various sides, the cube is also available in various designs. There are simple designs in black or white with an accent color, but there are also more exclusive collections. Think of a series with Marvel characters. Many people also describe it as an (anti)stress die.

Furthermore, Matthew and Mark focused on a round design, which means there are no hard or pointed corners. This way it is very comfortable to play with the fidget cube.

The various sides of a fidget cube

Basically, the fidget cube has six sides: switching, sliding, clicking, turning, rolling and breathing. Because each side is different, the non-cube does not get boring quickly.

To change gear
With the switch side, you can click the flipper from one side to the other. You can compare it to turning a light switch on and off. When you move your finger from one side to the other to click, you will hear a loud clicking sound. And if you hold your finger against the flipper, you reduce the sound. This way it's more like a see-saw.

To slide
The side that allows you to slide looks a bit like a joystick on a game controller. The movements can also be compared to this. You can slide the circle from one side to the other and spin in circles.

On the click side you will find five push buttons. It is reminiscent of the side of a dice. You can press these buttons. There are two buttons that make a louder clicking sound when pressed and require a little more force. These buttons are comparable to pressing a pen. In addition, there are two buttons that press softly and do not make a sound. The middle button is right in between, in terms of sound and power.

On the side where you can turn, you will find a round flat surface. This makes a slight rattling sound when you turn the spider. When turning, the spider vibrates slightly. You will also find a small circle, which makes it easier to rotate the whole thing.

The side you can roll with has two options: gears and a metal ball. You can roll with both shapes. You can also make a clicking sound with the metal ball by pressing the ball. You can move the gears separately and this also produces a kind of rattling sound.

Finally, the fidget cube also contains a side with which you can 'breathe'. It is based on a 'worry stone'. These stones used to be known for releasing tension when you rubbed the stone. On this side of the cube you should also be able to rub it.

Who is the Fidget Cube for?

You can find the fidget cube in toy stores, but this does not mean that the fidget cube is only made for children. The Fidget Cube is suitable for anyone who regularly fiddles with things or clicks pens. It helps you keep your attention and takes away the noise. It is therefore very suitable to use during a meeting or lecture. But also while traveling, watching TV or studying. Actually anytime you want to relax or stay focused.

Advantages and disadvantages of the fidget cube

Now every product has its pros and cons. Now you may be wondering: what are the pros and cons of a fidget cube? We will list the most important ones for you.

Basically, a fidget cube is an excellent product with great benefits. The size fits well in most hands and the small size makes it easy to carry. It also fits in your pocket. In addition, this anti-stress toy has various sides with different parts, so there is something for everyone and you will not easily get bored with the cube. Furthermore, the product has a soft finish and has no hard edges or corners. And after all, the cube is also available in different designs.

This does not alter the fact that there are also a number of disadvantages. The cube does not make a lot of noise, but the sides with sound effects can be disturbing to the people around you. In addition, the cube has a number of sides with small parts, which may be difficult to operate for people with large hands. Furthermore, you must always have the Fidget Cube within reach, otherwise you are tempted to grab another object (such as a pen).

Does a Fidget Cube really help against stress?

We can conclude that the fidget cube is a great product for people who like to hold something in their hands or want to concentrate well. However, the Fidget Cube is also called an anti-stress toy. Now it is not the case that the fidget cube directly reduces stress, but it does ensure that you are better able to pay attention. This way you are able to complete conversations and tasks more efficiently. In that sense, the Fidget Cube can contribute to reducing general stress.

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