Fidget Cube - Silver
Fidget Cube - Silver
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Fidget Cube - Silver

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In every meeting, classroom or office you will find someone fidgeting, right? You recognize them from clicking pens, drumming on tables or nodding their knees. As much as some research suggests that fidgeting actually increases overall productivity (duh!), excessive fidgeting actually distracts those who want to work in silence.

So what can you do to keep your hands busy?

The answer is here: Buy a Fidget Cube!

The creative minds behind these vinyl desk toys. have created a gadget that allows you to take your mind off stressful things while being (almost) completely silent . The six sides of the fidget cube have different functions that ensure that you don't keep clicking pens forever. The six sides represent the following:

  1. Click : five buttons that you can press to your heart's content. While three of them produce an audible clicking sound, the other two are silent for covert fidgeting in libraries, collections or other quiet places
  2. Glide : the joystick is reminiscent of a game controller and allows you to let your thoughts slide away
  3. Switch (flip): a switch like you are used to to turn the light on or off. If you apply a lot of force you will hear a loud flip, but it can be done subtly
  4. Breathing : based on the old-fashioned 'worry stone'; Rubbing gently can help reduce stress
  5. Roll (roll): this side is in drawing rolls; there is a metal ball and three switches that you can roll. You can also press the metal ball
  6. Turn (spin): a dial that offers the same soothing effect as before. Reduce your stress one turn at a time!

This is what you get:

  • The original Kickstarter sensation from Antsy Labs
  • The Fidget Cube in the color Aqua (blue white)
  • Made of Vinyl; you feel quality
  • Six different sides on the fidget cube to encourage distraction and calmness
  • (Hopefully) more concentration, finer motor skills and greater attention span

Buy your own Fidget Cube now , in your favorite color! The Fidget Cube was created through crowdfunding via Kickstarter by no fewer than 154,926 people!